Right Makes Might - Stand And Fight!
The 1PercentRevolution is based on character not material wealth. The amount of money one has does not determine one's true value or worth. It is possible for one percent to change the rules and outcome of an entire system if they stand on principle and are willing to defend liberty and justice for all (not just the elite with power and money). 

The rules of the current system are broken and need to be fixed. Those with power are rewarded by the current rules and have little motivation to change. They believe that "Might Makes Right" and they use their material might to keep the system the same. 

If you believe that "Right Makes Might" then join the Revolution. Our odds may be 100 to 1 or worse, but the cause is worthy and the odds are only getting worse with time. The political, legal, media, and educational systems have become infected. These systems will fight to survive and maintain their current power and comfort zones. They will predict failure and attempt to stop you from becoming involved, and will ridicule you for trying to make things better. The systems will attempt to divide/confuse us with misinformation. They fear your active involvement, and want you to feel powerless, hopeless, and give up without trying. Apathy gives them strength.

We are not perfect and will not agree on all issues, details, philosophies, strategies or tactics. But, if we act as a team, then we have a chance. Please champion 1 issue you value most with honor and truth. Share your strengths to help your team mates. If you see them being attacked, please defend them or distract those attacking. It will require courage. (click here for overview)

"One person with courage is a majority!" - Thomas Jefferson
If Not You, Then Who?
If Not Now, Then When?

 Please Champion 1 Issue You Value!
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(It is a trap to label these issues red/blue, liberal/conservative, etc...) 
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Note-1: This website and its associated tools are an attempt to balance the playing field and empower the common citizen to fight back against the undue influence of wealth in our political system. The goal is to create a free model which any citizen or group can copy without needing to spend large amounts of money. It will not be perfect, but I hope it proves effective. I support and encourage my fellow citizens right to participate even if I disagree with their opinions on particular issues. This system is a gift to all who believe in democracy!

Note-2: After testing to see what works best, all details for implementation will be shared under the Resources Tab above :-)
Free tools currently being used include: Google Sites, Twitter, Facebook, Google Docs, Picasa, YouTube, GIMP, LibreOffice, Zazzle, CafePress, Printfection, Paypal, etc...


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